Donations Received and Security
Subsequent to the two devastating thefts of our tractor, mowers and other equipment, the membership, and the general public at large, rallied round with generous donations of money and equipment, and the committee would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to all who supported the club in this way.

We have regrettably had to spend a good deal of the money received on improving security, which is of course, of no direct benefit to the club or its members, but necessary to minimise the chances of the replacement equipment that we have managed to acquire, being spirited away.

So, you will see a new container in the car park, a better lock on the main gate, a new metal gate from the car park onto the course, and a much more secure machine shed. We are still short of some equipment, but thanks to everyone's genorosity, the club is still up and running and we should all be grateful for that.
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