Horton Golf Club

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Welcome to Horton Golf Club,

Horton Golf Club, set beneath the rolling hills of the South Downs, is located approximately 20 minutes drive west of Brighton in the heart of West Sussex.

Founded on the ideal of 'Artisan' membership the course has been designed and built by its members. A tactical blend of 'dog-leg's and hedges, strategically placed greens, wispy rough and wind make this a real challenge. Combine that with its natural beauty and you have all the course you'll ever need. The course has successfully blended 18 strategically contoured holes and nine greens into the surrounding countryside.

All the holes present their own individual challenges but the course's signature hole is the 18th. This dog leg par four is the thinking golfer's dream, and the thoughtless golfer's nightmare. The drive offers three options: play safe and stay this side of the hedge, play risky and traverse the hedge but play short of the pond, or play insane and attempt to go over the hegde, over the water and aim for the green. Not a hole to be played without a plan.

Another notable hole is the 13th. The longest par four on the course requires both length and accuracy. The hole is all uphill with a hedge crossing the fairway at about 220 yards. After the drive, if you aren't shut out by the tall trees, you are still faced with a long uphill shot to tight, tricky, two-tiered green.

Unfortunately Horton is not a pay-and-play golf course however guests, and prospective members, are able to play a round with a current member in order to get a feel of the course.

and finally, all golfers are reminded that Golf is meant to be enjoyed not understood ...
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